Brazilian Fat Burner with Acai Berry for WOMEN

Use Brazilian Fat burner with Acai Berry, Green Tea and White Kidney Bean Extract.

Importance of the fat in the diet

Fat is an essential dietary item that needs to be taken regularly. This is because fat is a source of energy that is used for metabolic purposes of respiration as well as generating body heat. Fat also acts as a food store reserve that is useful during times of starvation.

Fat also protects internal organs thus cushioning them from physical injury. For these reasons, fat is an essential dietary item that people just can’t do without.

However, taking excessively high calorie food stuffs like sugary compounds and animal protein will only make the body to deposit and store fat in a manner that is unhealthy. In such scenarios, fat gets deposited inside blood vessels like arteries leading to various cardiovascular diseases such as blockage of arteries and heart attack.

Fat also gets to be deposited under the skin (subcutaneous fat) causing flabby skin that is unsightly and can greatly damage ones self image. As a result, excess fat should be removed from the body so that the body retains what it requires.

Losing Fat Healthily

Loosing weight basically takes place in two ways. There is weight loss that helps to reduce body mass. This involves burning of excess body fat and lowering the body weight. Secondly, there is burning of fat to acquire and reveal lean muscle. All through weight loss, people should not suffer from the adverse side effects of losing body fat.

That’s why by using the Brazilian fat burner that has powerful antioxidants extracted from both Acai berry and green tea go along way towards boosting metabolism even at rest. Another important aspect of weight loss that is not easily captured by many drugs is the ability to reduce the absorption of calories from carbohydrates.

The Brazilian fat burner has natural extracts of white kidney bean extract that reduces the amount of calories from carbohydrate foods that are regularly consumed in the diet. This way you don’t have to worry about eating to your fill.

brazilian fat burner

Natural products in Brazilian Fat burner that help in fat burning

Acai berry

acai berry fat burnerThis berry contains omega3, omega6, omega9 monounsaturated fats that help in promoting cardiovascular and digestive health. It also contains dietary fiber that aids in the removal of undigested food particles from the gut.

Acai berry also has qualities that increase metabolism and energy levels thereby increasing in burning fat and reducing weight in a healthy manner. It’s also rich in vitamins A, C, E, B1 and B2 alongside other minerals such as potassium, calcium, zinc and copper which are co factors in metabolism.

Green tea extract

green tea extractGreen tea is also rich in polyphenols and bioflavonoids that boost the body’s immunity. Alongside these immune boosting capabilities, green tea extract helps in burning fat and promoting weight loss.

White kidney bean extract

White kidney beanIt’s important that during your weight loss you minimize the amount of carbohydrates that are absorbed within the gut. There is an extract within the white kidney bean that helps the body to reduce carbohydrate digestion.

Guarana seed extract

Guarana seed extractThe main compound in Guarana seed is Guaranine. Its essence is that it’s not readily water soluble hence it delays its rate of absorption in the gut. When it comes to weight loss, Guarana seed extract helps in providing energy boost in quick spurts while increasing rate metabolism.

Other ingredients

These are all the ingredients as labeled on the container: green tea extract mixed with polyphenols, 100% pure Acai powder, citrus Aurantium extract, Guarana extract, white kidney bean extract, bee pollen and excipients of brown rice flour.

Directions of use – How to use Brazilian Fat Burner

These capsules can comfortably be taken by everyone including those that are involved in intense and heavy workouts. For those that are involved in workouts where a lot of energy is spent, 2 capsules per day is the recommended dosage. You should at least take a pill before you start working out to boost your energy levels thus helping to burn more fat.

So if you work out during morning hours, you should take a pill before workout and the other late at night before sleeping. Alternatively if you work out in the evening, take a pill at breakfast while the other pill just before you start the work out.

In instances where you are not exercising, you should take at least two capsules before breakfast with a glass of water. It’s important that you don’t exceed more than 2 tabs per day.

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