Fat Burners, Appetite Suppressants & Carb Blockers

What is the difference between Fat Burners, Appetite Suppressors, Carb Blockers & Diet Pills?

fat burnersHave you ever been confused with so many supplements claiming to be the best for you? Some of these pills burn your fat while some stop the fat from being digested while some are simply prescription weight loss supplements. So whats the difference between these pills anyway & what are the ingredients in these supplements. Well here are few details that you should know before deciding the best supplement for yourself.

Fat Burners

Fat burner is usually designed to promote fat loss by boosting your energy, stimulating body metabolism, or by suppressing the appetite. These supplements usually are sold in form of pills. Fat burners are popularly also known as slimming pills.

Main ingredient: fat burners usually contain proprietary thermogenic Blend along with Thiamin, Niacin, Pantothenic Acid & in some cases may also contain Caffeine and / or Diethylcarbonate

Popular fat burners: Phen375 (Read our detailed phen375 review)

Diet Pills

diet pillsAlmost all of the weight loss supplements are categorized as diet pills. Many people mistake the diet pills with fat burners or appetite suppressors, or thermogenic fat burners. However the diet pills include chemical based weight loss elements & are prescription only medicines. These pills are to be taken under doctor’s supervision only. Diet pills usually contain proprietary ingredients & are sold under brand medications by pharma companies.

Popular diet pills: Duromine, Alli

Fat Blockers

With the FDA approving OTC sale of fat blockers, many supplements like proactol have become very popular due to its ability to block the fat from being absorbed in the body. Such supplements work by binding to the fat ingested in the body as well as blocking the fat-digesting enzymes. This results in blocking nearly 70% of daily ingested fat from being digested by the body & is excreted out. Fat blockers are also known as fat binders.

Popular Pill: Proactol


Such types of supplements are known to boost the metabolism as well the body energy resulting in generation of heat (also known as thermogenesis). This increase in heat & energy in the body results in burning of more calories. Ephedra was the popular choice for many thermogenic weight loss supplements however with the ban on ephedra in 2003, all such supplements now use proprietary blend which may include capsicum or red peppers.

Main ingredient in thermogenic weight loss supplements: Often proprietary but may also often contain Green Tea Extract, Caffeine, L-Carnitine, Cayenne, Yerba Mate, Guarana along with Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, Pantothenic Acid.

Popular Pill: Capsiplex, Meratol

Carb Blockers

Very similar to the fat blockers, the carb blockers work by blocking carbohydrates from being absorbed in the during digestion leading to reduction in body carbs thus resulting in weight loss. Main ingredient: Carb blockers usually contain Phaseolamin (substance extracted from white kidney beans) & some percentage of Chromium or Vanadium

Popular Pill: Dietrine Carb Blocker

Appetite Suppressants

Appetite Suppressants suppress the appetite by sending signals to the brain & making you feel fuller. These supplements pills work by increasing the level of serotonin (chemical believed to control the regulation of mood and hunger in the brain). This chemical fools your brain to believe that the stomach is full & thus restricting the food intake.

Main ingredient: Hoodia Gordinii. May also contain other proprietary & herbal ingredients to boost the effects of hoodia gordinii.

Popular Pill: Unique Hoodia, Dexatrim, Phentermine.

Note: Unique hoodia is not allowed to be sold in the UK.

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