Relation Between Body Fat and Cholesterol

Body Fat and Cholesterol

Everyone knows that being overweight is not just a problem to do with how you look. Overweight people are more easily succumb able to diseases of all sorts. Health problems, stroke, liver problems and even heart attacks; name them all. Being overweight has a siren over your head screaming that you are going to have a very difficult time being healthy!

But the question everyone forgets is what got you there anyway? This is where the much overlooked link between cholesterol and body fat comes in. What is the connection? Well, let’s take a look at it.

Cholesterol Intake

It is important to understand that the phrase “you are what you eat” is not just a fragment from thin air. This statement has quite a bit of truth. What you eat will definitely reflect a lot on what you look like. People who tend to snack on fruits and fresh vegetables are bound to look fresh, healthy and lean. If you prefer snacking on potato chips and burgers, you will, most definitely become overweight.

Fast convenience foods are a very tempting option when you are hungry and are craving for a quick bite. But just like these are tempting, they are also filled with saturated fat. Saturated fat is a large component of the bad cholesterol. This food is all taste and little nutrient value.

The greasy and salty taste may tickle your taste buds but it will definitely not give you results you want. You will end up having a stocked up layer of fatty tissue and oily skin. After all, the oil and fat has to go somewhere!

However, you have to understand that all cholesterol is not bad. Fatty foods like nuts and healthy oils are filled with good cholesterol. This cholesterol helps your body function and cushions your arteries. The bad cholesterol helps clog up your arteries and cause you that massive heart attack in your mid thirties!

bad cholesterol

Why Exercise is Important

What goes in must go out. If you do not exercise, how on earth is your body going to be slim and trim? Overweight people have a tendency to not exercise and move their body. They tend to just sit around and act lazy. This is partly because of the lack of will and partly because when cholesterol clogs up your blood vessels, physical activities cause difficulty in breathing.

However, it is important that the importance of exercise be stressed. Even pregnant women are asked to exercise. Exercise is good for you. It gets your blood pumping and more importantly, your cholesterol levels lowering. No matter what the advertisements say about some products that can reduce your cholesterol levels by intake, nothing is more important than that morning jog.

The more you move, the more your body uses up that fat and flushes out all those harmful cholesterol. Your heart gets stronger, your lungs get stronger, your muscles get stronger and most importantly, you embark on a healthy new life; a life without any health problems. Good luck!

Video on Understanding Cholesterol

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