Tips to maintain your Christmas Weight Loss!

Healthy Christmas Diet

Christmas is usually noted around that the period of weight gain, but for you it doesn’t have to be that necessary. You can enjoy Christmas as well as maintain your weight for the New Year.

Here are few tips to follow to have a healthy christmas!

roast turkey

  • Choose Turkey: compared to other red meats, Turkey is rich in protein and low in fat & will save you countless calories.
  • Choose Roasted vegetables: do not saturate your roast potatoes and vegetables in the fat. Instead boil for 10 minutes to soften slightly & drizzle in the vegetable oil low in fat and put them in the oven.
  • Replace your alcholic drinks with non-alcoholic punch: Just drinking half a bottle of wine can increase your calorie intake by 250 calories. If you must have alcoholic drinks, do keep it to minimum
  • Be active during Christmas: remember sitting in front of the television watching performances each year will not help. Instead go for a walk or a bike ride with your family. This will help prevent you from snacking all time, and prevent post-afternoon slump. On the other hand, if it’s too cold to go out, turn off the TV and play some games. Charades, Twister … pick something fun, active and fun for the whole family.
  • unsalted nutsSwap salty with unsalted nuts: one of the simplest steps that will help in taking control of christmas weight loss; is to swap salted peanuts with unsalted. Salted peanuts have saturated fats that are bad for the heart, and this is the same in many other dishes on Christmas.
  • Make a list of all the foods you usually buy for Christmas. Wherever possible, opt for the low fat version of the items on the list
  • Take out the cookies or chocolates: easier said than done. Try to buy chocolates only to gift & not for yourself

Christmas weight loss need not be at the expense of your own pleasure. You can also have a Christmas to remember, simply making the above changes in your diet for Christmas.

Make the change, and start planning your Christmas weight loss now!

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