Basic Workout For Muscle Building

In most cases, completing a basic or fundamental workout can make a major improvement in your health in a relatively short period of time. These exercises can be completed at virtually any location or at any time and they don’t require a great deal of effort so most people won’t even be aware that you have just finished working out.

Do remember; however, that these exercises are for individuals who want to firm and tone rather than individuals trying to increase muscle mass. These moves have been designed to build a healthy, firm and tone body within 60 minutes or less. Be sure you have a snack that is healthy approximately 60 minutes before working out and once you are done, eat a complete meal.

Lower Body and Cardiovascular

An effective workout for your cardiovascular system is taking a 30 minute walk every day. Put on your most comfortable shoes and hit the sidewalk. Don’t pay any attention to the weather, just dress accordingly and go.

If this is impossible find a staircase and get your workout by going up and down. This will not only work your heart, but your legs as well.

Keep moving forward by increasing your walking speed each week. Set a goal and slowly increase how far you go. If it’s possible, reap more benefits by stepping up your cardiovascular workout; alternate between walking the neighborhood and using a staircase.

Upper Body

Once you have completed your cardiovascular workout start working on the upper body by completing theses exercises at least three times a week.

Simple Pushup

A pushup is effective in toning and firming the triceps, chest and rear deltoids.

Try to complete three sets that include 10 to 15 repetitions (depending on your level of fitness). Once this becomes easy increase the number of repetitions you do. Or, for a challenge move your feet from the floor to a chair.

1. Facing the floor, extend your legs behind you and place your hands right under your shoulders.
2. Your head should naturally align with the spine, your back should be flat and your fingertips should be facing forward.
3. Begin with your arms extended and your torso up off the floor.
4. Try to remain stable, keep your back straight and move down toward the floor until your nose almost touches. As you extend your arms upward again exhale. Make every effort to keep your elbows unlocked so the tension and work fall on your muscles rather than elbows.

Close-Grip Pushups

This pushup focuses on your inner chest, torso and tricep muscles. Use the same principal as far as repetitions, your level of fitness and your approach to increasing repetitions as the fundamental pushup.

1. Begin in the same formation and use the same pattern of breathing as with the fundamental pushup except your hands will be placed side-by-side and the index fingers and thumbs will create a triangle shape.
2. As you move toward the floor, your elbows will move out toward the side instead of back. This forces the inner chest and triceps to work harder. This pushup requires additional balance and your torso will receive a workout if your body is stable. Initially, you may feel a slight strain on your wrists, so in order to avoid injury be sure to stretch and start slow and work up.

Wide-Grip Pushups

These pushups are effective for your back, chest and rear shoulder muscles. Again, use the same approach to repetitions as previously mentioned and increase at your own pace. Begin with the same beginning position and breathing as the fundamental and close-grip pushups. Your hands will be pointed forward, but they will be placed outside your shoulders rather than underneath them. A wider position will place more focus on your shoulders and pectorals. This is a demanding exercise, so expect to tire out quicker than with the other two types of pushups.

These three pushups will work, tone and strengthen the muscles of your upper body. Additional exercises include the following and all you need is a little bit of time and dumbbells weighing 8to 15 kg.


These exercises are effective for the butt and thigh. Lying on the floor, extend your legs forward and open them until they are equal with your hips. With a dumbbell in each hand, keep your back straight, bend your knees until your thighs and the floor are level and return to the original positioning.

These moves should be done slowly while focusing on each move. Repeat until you or your legs are too tired to continue.


To give your pects a good workout, lay face up on the bed. With a dumbbell in both hands raise your hands above your chest. Your arms should be completely extended and one palm should be facing the other. Now, bring the weights down and out to the side until they are shoulder height.

Exhale and bring the weights back up to the initial position. Try to complete eight sets consisting of 8 to 12 reps.


For stronger biceps, locate a stable chair and position yourself on the edge and place your feet in a position that is approximately as wide as your hips. With weight in hand, hands in front and palms turned toward you, stretch your arm out and curl it in toward the shoulder. Alternate arms.

The forearms should be rotated allowing the palm to face the shoulder as the upward motion is completed. Try to complete three sets consisting of 8 to 12 reps.

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